The media gives the Hornets good to great grades for their draft class

Charlotte Hornets fans’ opinions on the team’s selection of Brandon Miller have been…mixed, to put it nicely. However, NBA pundits seem to be a fan of the Hornets draft class as a whole. We all know the day after the draft is the best time to grade the draft, so that’s what the whole Internet is doing. I’ve gathered a few to show you, and I promise these are the first several I found. These are not cherrypicked.


The worldwide leader in sports gave the Hornets a B+. They didn’t note any specific flaws in the reasoning of any of the selections and deemed the trade up for James Nnaji “appropriate.” 7 teams got A-‘s or better, so the Hornets were in the upper middle part of the class. They just didn’t do anything creative or bold enough to earn that A grade.

Sporting News: A+

Sporting News really liked the Hornets draft. They apparently liked Scoot more than Miller but understand the reasoning for Miller and called the rest of the Hornets picks very high value for where they were drafted.

Sports Illustrated: A-

Another outlet that says the decision to take Miller over Scoot Henderson will ultimately decide how this draft is perceived. But the rest of the picks are high value picks and could be steals.

USA Today: A

USA Today gives the Hornets their fourth best grade for their 2023 draft class. They call Miller “maybe the most complete player outside of a certain top pick” and the other picks value picks.

New York Post: B

The New York Post is a better more critical of the Hornets’ selection of Miller over Henderson, but based on the not-terrible grade, they must have liked the other picks well enough.

CBS Sports: A- (on average)

CBS Sports graded each pick individually. The Amari Bailey pick got an A, Nnaji a B+, and Nick Smith and Miller got A-‘s.

DraftKings Nation: B+, A

DK Nation also graded each pick individually. They gave the Miller pick a B+ due to his higher floor than Scoot Henderson while acknowledging that they think Henderson has a higher ceiling. They call Nick Smith Jr. one of the “steals of the draft.”

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