Non-Hornets NBA news dump: Week 1

Hey look we’re two for two doing this so far this season. We’re doing a weekly series where we see what else has gone on around the league in the last week since we’re all so locked in on the Charlotte Hornets, we might miss some things. Let’s see what else has gone on.

The Magic and Pacers sit atop the East

Both the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers sit at 2-0 with a +17.5 point differential. The Magic have done it with defense, holding their opponents to 91.5 points per game, while the Pacers have done it with offense, scoring 134.0 points per game. Neither team has played anyone relevant yet (the Pacers win over the Cavs came without either of Darius Garland or Donovan Mitchell playing for the Cavs), but I’m sure there is some celebrating in their fan bases. I know we would be if the Hornets found themselves at the top of the East at any point of the season.

The Bulls have had a season’s worth of drama already

First, the Bulls got blown out by the Thunder and had maybe the earliest players only meeting in the history of sports. In game two, they found themselves down by 17 with less than five minutes to play, only to come back and beat the Raptors in overtime. In game three, they got 51 points from Zach LaVine, a league high to this point, but they still lost convincingly to the Pistons.

The Nuggets are ready to defend their title

No championship hangover here. The Nuggets are 3-0 to start the season and have won two of the three games convincingly. Nikola Jokic is averaging 26.3 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game. Thankfully the Hornets don’t have to worry about them until late December.

The Jordan Poole experience has begun

The Washington Wizards should be an all time entertaining team this season in absolutely the worst way possible. Jordan Poole gave us our first dose of that by trying to do the Stephen Curry lookaway three and missing it.

So far Poole has fired up 20.5 shots per game and is connecting on just 36.6% of them. He’ll surely blow up for some huge performances, but he and Kyle Kuzma are sure to give us their fair share of lowlights and funny box scores as the season goes on.

Former Hornets are having varying degrees of success in their new homes

This is kind of Hornets news I guess. The Hornets had a few players depart between last trade deadline and the start of this season, and some of had found success, others not so much yet. Kelly Oubre has been the 76ers fourth leading scorer at 19.0 points per game. The 3-point shooting has been as streaky as it could be, but Oubre gonna Oubre.

Elsewhere, Dennis Smith Jr. has played limited minutes, but the Nets defense has been better when he’s on the floor, which is his MO. Mason Plumlee has been fine as a backup center for the Clippers.

However, Jalen McDaniels is not finding life away from Charlotte as pleasant. He’s appeared in all three of the Raptors games for a total of 37 minutes. In those 37 minutes, he’s attempted seven shots, all of them 3-pointers. None of them have gone in. We’ll be on Jalen McDaniels made basket watch in this space for the next little while.

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