Miles Bridges returns tomorrow

The Charlotte Hornets take on the Milwaukee Bucks in Spectrum Center on Friday night, their eleventh game of the season. That means the “30 game” suspension for Miles Bridges is over, and he’s eligible to return to the lineup. Steve Clifford has already said that Bridges will step in and be a big contributor right away.

In preparation for the return and as a sort of answer to the more recent allegations surrounding Bridges, the Hornets PR team released a statement.

The team says they are “comfortable with Miles returning to play” amid all of the legal turmoil, bad publicity, and questionable morality. Bridges was supposed to have a court date for the recent allegations against him, but that was continued to next February.

That’s on the heels of Bridges’ legal team filing a motion for the production of exculpatory evidence, meaning they have evidence that proves innocence from what he was accused of (throwing billiard balls at his children’s mother’s car).

Right or wrong, Miles Bridges is back and the team doesn’t seem interested in taking any sort of moral stand here. Steve Clifford has spoken pretty glowingly about Bridges when asked and is very adamant that he’ll play a major role for the team very quickly. Given how hot both his and general manager Mitch Kupchak’s seats are, that always almost guaranteed.

It’s a tough spot to be in as a fan. On the one hand, we all want the Hornets to do well and win games. Miles Bridges objectively helps with that. But no one wants to cheer for bad people. Bridges’ debut will come at home on Friday night against the Bucks. I’m very interested to see how the fans react to his first introduction and to how he gets talked about on the broadcast. It’s a touchy subject for all involved.

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