Community Guidelines

There are rules ’round these parts. All are welcome to take part in the At The Hive community, but everyone has to do their part to make this a place that people feel welcome. Site admin has the right to use their discretion to remove anything that is deemed to be detrimental to the community as a whole. We’ll let people have different opinions, but we have to be respectful about it. Here are the rules:

  • No personal attacks. We will not accept any personal insults, threats, or other words meant to make others feel uncomfortable or unwelcomed.
  • No discrimination. Any comments that use slurs or degrading comments to any subset of people. That means no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
  • No harassment. That means repeatedly picking on other users, giving unwanted and excessive attention to another user, or otherwise making another user’s experience in the community uncomfortable.
  • No explicit images or overtly text. This is an outlet for opinions and we have fun here, but we need to keep it tame to make it welcoming for all. That means no overly sexual or violent images or text.
  • No trolling. Do not intentionally antagonize other users purely with the intent to stir up trouble. Having different opinions is fine. Intentionally making people angry is not.
  • No spam. If you join this site just to post spam, you’ll be banned.