Highlights from the Hornets player postseason media availability

The Charlotte Hornets made most of their players available for questions from the media at the conclusion of the 2022-23 season. They’re essentially exit interviews with the media, but the players only speak for a few minutes. You can click each player’s name to watch their videos on Hornets.com. We’ll also give you the highlights in written form.

Nick Richards

  • He spoke very highly of Steve Clifford and is extremely grateful that Cliff trusted him and gave him minutes this season
  • Excited for a summer of improvement and is excited about the interior defensive presence he and Mark Williams provide

PJ Washington

  • Started with a few platitudes about playing aggressively and efficiently and taking pride in being available
  • Considers Charlotte home and wants to continue to playing here; hasn’t thought about playing anywhere else
  • The team had playoff goals for this season. They’ll have those same goals for next season.
  • His biggest emphases this summer will be playing off the ball and improving his ball handling

Dennis Smith Jr.

  • Thankful to Steve Clifford and the team for taking a chance on him and giving him an opportunity
  • Wants to continue playing for a coach like Clifford
  • Wants to be here but also wants to win basketball games. Thinks this team does have a chance to win.
  • Said buy-in with the system led to the defensive improvements later in the season
  • Called LaMelo Ball super talented and thinks Clifford is the perfect coach for Ball since Cliff “won’t let the BS slide.”

JT Thor

  • Said this season with the first time he’s ever been injured
  • The game is slowing down for him and he feels he has a much better understanding of what to do on the floor
  • Knows that defense is his calling card and that’s where he needs to focus his energy
  • Feels confident in his skill set and his NBA role, which gives him direction for his work this summer
  • He’ll definitely play in the Summer League is asked to

Kelly Oubre

  • He was cool with his improved stats but it feels hollow since the numbers didn’t come in wins. Wasn’t happy with how the season went.
  • Acknowledged that his 3-point percentage needs to improve but thought he did a better job as an attacker
  • He and his family love Charlotte and he’d love to be back but he wants to be somewhere where he’s loved and wanted. He’s been a journeyman and wants a place to call home.
  • Wants to keep the band together.

Svi Mykhailiuk

  • Enjoyed his time this season and felt like the last 10-20 games of the season were the best of his career
  • Doesn’t know what will happen in free agency but feels he’s proved that he can play in this league

Terry Rozier

  • Said his season “wasn’t bad, wasn’t great” because of the lack of team success
  • Thought the season started right and ended right but was derailed by injuries throughout
  • Was excited to see the young guys get big minutes to end the season
  • Thinks the season would have been much different if it weren’t for injuries and “losing players over the summer”
  • Excited to see who the Hornets draft and all the stuff that happens between the playoffs, draft, and Summer League
  • Thinks the team is one summer away from being good
  • Excited to have another team trip to Miami like they had a couple of summers ago

Cody Martin

  • Called this season very mentally challenging since he’s never had to miss extended time with injury before
  • Not focused on timetables for his recovery and instead is focusing on how his knee feels
  • Doesn’t anticipate any further procedures on his knee; optimistic it’ll continue to get better with rehab

Gordon Hayward

  • Frustrated by the injuries that plagued the team
  • Super excited to go into an offseason healthy for the first time in a while
  • Spoke highly of PJ Washington and his versatility
  • Thinks it’s hard to judge the team because of the lack of health and player availability this season

LaMelo Ball

  • Primary focus this offseason is getting healthy
  • Been watching some college basketball and is excited for who the players pick near the top of the draft
  • Said he’ll “play it by the day” but he “loves it out here” when asked if he sees himself in Charlotte long term
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