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Everybody loves a good draft. It’s the best part of fantasy sports. The commissioner going on stage and reading player names always does big numbies for the NBA and NFL. Since we all love drafts so much, we’re going to do our own.

We did this back in 2019, and the community drafted Bol Bol with the 12th overall pick. He ended up falling to 44th overall, but he’s been a steal for the draft slot, so I think we’ll say that’s a win for the community. We’re going to try it again, and we have a lot of picks to get right or wrong.

Here’s how it will work, members of the community will sign up to represent a team. When the Hornets pick, we’ll put it up to a vote among the entire community. We’ll go all the way up to when the Hornets pick at 41. I might regret that because the poll is going to have to have like 25 options, but we’ll make it work. I trust you guys. The real fun part about this is that the Hornets have the best draft assets according to Tankathon’s Draft Power Rankings, so we get plenty of chances to nab our guys.

The team representation will be first come first serve. If it goes a couple of days and we still need reps, we can double up. The Bulls, Knicks, and 76ers have no picks and the Cavs, Suns, Timberwolves, and Bucks only pick after the Hornets have used all five of their own picks, so none of them need reps. That means we need 22 participants. If you want to participate, you need to check back regularly once we start. We will start on Tuesday, May 30th assuming we have every team accounted for.

Drop the team you want in the comments and I’ll add you to the signup list. It goes Team (picks).

Celtics (35) – RHM III
Clippers (30) –
Grizzlies (25) –
Hawks (15) –
Heat (18) – TeachMeHowToMuggsy
Jazz (9, 16, 28) – Footey1984
Kings (24, 38) – Chef
Lakers (17) – Brandon Smith
Magic (6, 11, 36) – 49er4life01
Mavericks (10) – Benjammin G
Nets (21, 22) – Jonathan D
Nuggets (40) – Eddie Freddie
Pacers (7, 26, 29, 32) – hotrats
Pelicans (14) –
Pistons (5, 31) – DellsMatches
Raptors (13) – Daniel Cole
Rockets (4, 20) – BzCityKnights
Spurs (1, 33) (you have to take Victor Wembanyama first. No funny business.) – fontgangsta
Thunder (12, 37) – Chase
Trail Blazers (3, 23) – Orange Buffalo8
Warriors (19) –
Wizards (8) – D B

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