At The Hive selects Scoot Henderson in the community mock draft

The fans have spoken. After the San Antonio Spurs went with groupthink and selected Victor Wembanyama with the first overall pick, the At The Hive community elected to select guard Scoot Henderson with the second overall pick. Affirming the decision was Twitter, who also almost unanimously favored the G League Ignite product.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

For those that don’t know, Scoot Henderson is a hyper-athletic guard with a high motor and unrelenting competitiveness. Think pre-injury Derrick Rose with more passing and better defense or Russell Westbrook if he could shoot a little bit. These are lofty projections, but that’s the point of draft season. Right now, there are 5 All NBA players and possibly dozens of All Stars in this class. That remains true until this time next year, when most of them become bad players.

As for his fit with the Hornets, Henderson would pair up with LaMelo Ball to make one of if not the most dynamic guard duo in the league. Ball’s size allows him to guard the bigger player on defense if necessary, and his outside shooting allows him to play off ball and will give Scoot space to operate as a slasher. Both are plus passers and unselfish players, so the offense should come easily.

Ball and Henderson were teammates in the Rising Stars Game in 2022, both are Puma athletes, and the pair are reportedly already friends off the court. The fit should be seamless and make the Hornets a nightmare to defend.

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