Hornets tied to Tyler Herro in Damian Lillard trade rumors

In a recent piece detailing emerging information on the Damian Lillard trade saga, Yahoo! Sports’ Jake Fischer mentioned the Hornets as a team with rumored interest in acquiring Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro.

Towards the end of the article, Fischer says, “If Portland ultimately does business with Miami, the Jazz — as well as the Bulls, Hornets and Nets — are considered a team interested in landing Tyler Herro from the Heat, sources said.” Finding a third team to acquire Herro has seemingly been a major hang-up in any Dame-to-Miami deal all summer long. Now, there’s renewed motivation to clear up the situation as the teams involved ramp up for training camp.

The 24-year-old Herro makes $27M this upcoming season and will see a $2M-per-year salary increase over the next three seasons before hitting unrestricted free agency. Charlotte has multiple veteran pieces with matching salaries for Herro, who may be more appealing to Portland or another team involved in the trade. As Fischer mentioned, the Hornets are also not the only team in the market for Herro. Trail Blazers’ general manager Joe Cronin will have to value the Hornets’ players and assets for them to even have a chance at jumping in on the deal.

Herro has averaged north of 20 points per game in each of the last two seasons, winning Sixth Man of the Year in 2021-22 and ranking first in the league in free-throw percentage at 93.4 last year. A career 38.3% 3-point shooter, Herro has become one of the NBA’s premier high-volume floor-spacers and contributed to multiple deep playoff runs with the Heat.

After a long stretch of inactivity, the Lillard trade market has Heated back up in a hurry. Signs point to the situation being resolved by media day, which is October 2 for teams around the league. We might have a frenzy on our hands in the coming week.

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