Hornets announce jersey sponsor partnership with MrBeast

The Charlotte Hornets announced a new jersey patch sponsorship to replace the departed LendingTree patch. It is social media sensation and chocolate bar salesman Mr. Beast.

From the Hornets’ press release:

Hornets Sports & Entertainment today announced a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind partnership with Feastables, a snack brand founded by YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, that designates the company as the Official Jersey Patch Partner of the Charlotte Hornets. Under the deal, the Feastables logo will appear on all Hornets uniforms, as well as the uniforms of the Greensboro Swarm and both the virtual and physical uniforms of Hornets Venom GT, the organization’s NBA G League and NBA 2K League affiliates. Feastables also becomes an Official Partner of the Greensboro Swarm and Hornets Venom GT. 

The partnership signifies the first such collaboration between a creator-led brand and an NBA franchise.

As the Hornets note in the release, it’s the first jersey partnership between an NBA franchise and a content creator-centered brand. The Hornets are so hip and cool and spunky.

MrBeast is a professional YouTuber (among other things now). He started his channel in 2012 as a 13 year old. The channel was a hodgepodge of things you’d expect teenagers to post on YouTube. Videogame commentary, speculation about other YouTubers, random challenges. His channel grew over time and become increasingly more extravagant to the point that he’s now allegedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

The success of his YouTube channel has allowed him to start up other brands, among them the Feastables brand that’s partnering with the Hornets. It’s probably most known for its chocolate bars, but they sell gummies and cookies as well.

MrBeast (real name Aaron Donaldson) was raised in Greenville, NC, so the Hornets are his hometown team. He seems excited about the partnership.

This is probably the first real public-facing change in the team’s approach under new ownership. It’s a very new-age brand deal–a notable step away from the traditional partnerships with mega-corporations with vaguely regional ties. It’ll be interesting to see if this proves to be the first of many similar deals. I think it will be.

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