Hornets unveil new City edition uniform, court designs

The Charlotte Hornets, along with the rest of the league, officially unveiled this year’s edition of the City jerseys.

As the official site notes, it’s a combination of the team’s traditional teal along with the mint and gold that have been part of some fire City jerseys in the past. The team will wear the jerseys 14 times, with two of those being the two home games in the group stage of the in-season tournament. If they were to host an in-season tournament knockout game, they’d presumably wear them for those as well.

In the tournament games, the Hornets will wear these City jerseys on the special edition court for the tournament.

The NBA wanted fans to immediately know that they were watching tournament games, and these court designs will certainly accomplish that. It’s going to be a lot to look at, but I think it’ll be cool in the small doses of tournament games. Those start tonight by the way, but the Hornets don’t make their in-season tournament debut until next week.

As for the City home games that are not part of the in-season tournament, the Hornets will bring back the mint edition court they’ve used in the past, which I think is pretty popular among the fan base.

I really like all of this stuff, but take my opinion with a grain of salt. I tend to think most new things are cool. I’m simple in that respect.

What are everyone else’s opinions on the new threads and digs?

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