Terry Rozier has strained adductor, will miss at least two more games

The Charlotte Hornets released an update on guard Terry Rozier, who left Saturday’s game against the Pacers with a strained adductor (groin).

Given how strongly Rozier reacted when he got hurt, the early signs seems as though he avoided anything that can automatically be written off as a long term injury. He’s only confirmed out for two games with more updates to come later.

That said, muscle strains, especially in the leg, can be tricky. They can feel good in rehab and controlled settings and then flair back up with one wrong step. From personal experience–I strained my adductor last fall. I was very limited for a couple of weeks. I was able to return to basketball before too long, but it lingered for several months. That tends to be a common experience for injuries like this.

Anyway, hopefully Terry is a fast healer and is able to get back to his old self without missing too much time. The Hornets need his scoring punch. On the other hand, more starts for Brandon Miller, which I know everyone is here for.

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