Charlotte Hornets pre-draft workout: June 7, 2023

Anotha’ one.

Here are all the prospects’ rankings in the At The Hive Top-100. An updated big board and tier notepad will be out on Friday.

  • Timmy Allen, wing, Texas (NR)
  • Adam Flagler, guard, Baylor (63)
  • Alex Fudge, wing, Florida (61)
  • Joey Hauser, forward, Michigan State (NR)
  • Tevian Jones, wing, Southern Utah (NR)
  • Terquavion Smith, guard, North Carolina State (36)

Let’s start with the unranked fifth-years: Allen, Hauser and Jones. Allen spent three years at Utah and the last two at Texas, where he was a key contributor on both ends for a quality Big-12 team. Hauser is the younger brother of Sam Hauser, wing for the Boston Celtics. The two played together for a year at Marquette, and then Joey spent the next four years at Michigan State. He’s a shooter, just like big bro.

I’ve been trying desperately to find multiple full-length Southern Utah games so that I can scout Jones, but in the least surprising news ever, those are hard to find. He’s inside the top-100 for ESPN and The Athletic, as well as plenty of others. A 6-foot-7 wing that gets to the line and shot a career-high from deep this season catches the eye a bit.

Flagler is one of “my guys” from this class — for whatever reason, he’s gone mostly unheralded as Baylor’s guards powered them into the national spotlight in recent years. More on him coming Friday. Fudge is a young sophomore, still only 19. He’s athletic and flashes intriguing defensive tools and tendencies, but has shown nothing on offense outside of some cool dunks. Which does count for something, to be fair.

Smith visits the Spectrum Center for a workout in consecutive draft cycles. Last year, he stopped in just prior to withdrawing from the 2022 Draft and going back to NC State. I’m a fan of his off-the-dribble scoring and the shooting range that comes with it, but he’s still very thin and quite raw defensively and as a passer.

The Thompson twins are slated to work out in Charlotte on Friday, with Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller following soon after. We’ll see if the Hornets get another non-lottery in workout tomorrow before the big dogs come to town over the weekend and into next week.

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