At The Hive community mock draft, part 2

We’re in the home stretch, but all of the massive participation we’ve gotten has created for a very heavy thread in part one of this exercise. Thank you to all of you. You are all amazing and good at doing this.

To catch you up if you somehow don’t know what I’m talking about at this point, we’ve been taking turns making picks for each team with the community voting on the Charlotte Hornets picks. So far, the Hornets have landed Scoot Henderson and Sidy Cissoko, both of G League Ignite.

UPDATE: Time to make the final two picks. Cast your votes:

Here’s the draft board and the Hornets picks so far. Let’s finish strong.

Charlotte Hornets selections

2: Scoot Henderson, guard, G League Ignite
27: Sidy Cissoko, wing, G League Ignite
34: Brandin Podziemski, guard, Santa Clara
39: Emoni Bates, wing, Eastern Michigan
41: Tristan Vukčević, big, Real Madrid B

Draft Board

1. San Antonio (fontgangsta) – Victor Wembanyama, big, Metropolitans 92 (France)
2. Charlotte (ATH) – Scoot Henderson, guard, G League Ignite
3. Portland (OrangeBuffalo8) – Brandon Miller, forward, Alabama
4. Houston (BzCityKnights) – Cam Whitmore, forward, Villanova
5. Detroit (DellsMatches) – Amen Thompson, guard, Overtime Elite
6. Orlando (49er4life01) – Ausar Thompson, guard, Overtime Elite
7. Indiana (hotrats) – Taylor Hendricks, forward, UCF
8. Washington (DB) – Jarace Walker, forward, Houston
9. Utah (Footey1984) – Anthony Black, guard, Arkansas
10. Dallas (Benjammin G) – Leonard Miller, forward, G League Ignite
11. Orlando (49er4life01) – Gradey Dick, wing, Kansas
12. Oklahoma City (Chase) – Brice Sensabaugh, wing, Ohio State
13. Toronto (commissioner pick) – Cason Wallace, guard, Kentucky
14. New Orleans (NOLA HEEL) – Noah Clowney, big, Alabama
15. Atlanta (Mr. Long) – Kobe Bufkin, guard, Michigan
16. Utah (Footey1984) – Bilal Coulibaly, wing, Metropolitans 92 (France)
17. Los Angeles Lakers (Brandon Smith) – Jett Howard, wing, Michigan
18. Miami (TeachMeHowToMuggsy) – Kris Murray, forward, Iowa
19. Golden State (Chef) – Dariq Whitehead, wing, Duke
20. Houston (BzCityKnights) – Dereck Lively II, center, Duke
21. Brooklyn (Jonathan D) – Jalen Hood-Schifino, guard, Indiana
22. Brooklyn (Jonathan D) – Jordan Hawkins, guard, UConn
23. Portland (OrangeBuffalo8) – GG Jackson, forward, South Carolina
24. Sacramento (Chef) – Keyonte George, guard, Baylor
25. Memphis (tim r) – James Nnaji, big, Barcelona (Spain)
26. Indiana (hotrats) – Andre Jackson, guard, UConn
27. Charlotte (ATH) – Sidy Cissoko, wing, G League Ignite
28. Utah (Footey1984) – Nick Smith Jr., guard, Arkansas
29. Indiana (hotrats) – Julian Strawther, wing, Gonzaga
30. LA Clippers (TeachMeHowToMuggsy) – Trayce Jackson-Davis, big, Indiana
31. Detroit (DellsMatches) – Olivier-Maxence Prosper, forward, Marquette
32. Indiana (hotrats) – Rayan Rupert, wing, NZ Breakers
33. San Antonio (fontgangsta) – Maxwell Lewis, forward, Pepperdine
34. Charlotte (ATH) – Brandin Podziemski, guard, Santa Clara
35. Boston (RHM III) – Colby Jones, guard, Xavier
36. Orlando (49er4life01) – Ben Sheppard, wing, Belmont
37. Oklahoma City (Chase) – Marcus Sasser, guard, Houston
38. Sacramento (Chef) – Mouhamed Gueye, big, Washington State
39. Charlotte (ATH) – Emoni Bates, wing, Eastern Michigan
40. Denver (Eddie Freddie) – Jaime Jaquez Jr., forward, UCLA
41. Charlotte (ATH) – Tristan Vukčević, big, Real Madrid B

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