Charlotte Hornets 2023 NBA Draft preview, start time, and pick times

Draft day is finally upon us. Franchises will be changed. Fans will laugh. More fans will cry. Everyone will have opinions. And it’ll signal the start of some of the most exciting weeks in the entire sports calendar–the NBA offseason.

The 2023 NBA Draft starts at 8:00 pm. There will be a little bit of an introduction from commissioner Adam Silver, then the Spurs will go on the clock for five minutes for some reason. They’ll pick Victor Wembanyama, then the Charlotte Hornets will be up. Here are the times that each pick was Tweeted out last year so you can plan your night around it.

2nd: 8:15ish
27th: 10:40
34th: 11:18
39th: 11:38
41st: 11:43

As for who’s going to get picked, unless some trade comes out of left field, the Hornets are going to take either Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller second overall. The fans want Scoot while NBA decision makers and insiders seem to think Miller is the better bet. Either way, the Hornets are going to get a very, very good player. Dare I say a superstar?

As for the rest of the picks, you can check out who the Hornets have brought in for workouts to see where mutual interest lies. The Hornets have five picks, which is a lot for a team that’s pretty thin on open roster spots. They’ll probably spend most of the time after the second pick trying to consolidate picks to move up or to trade into a future draft, so keep those news alerts handy so you don’t miss anything.

In other general NBA news, we’ve already had some major moving and shaking with the Celtics trading Marcus Smart to the Grizzlies as part of a three team trade that brought Kristaps Porzingis to Boston. The Nuggets have also worked to add some young talent by doing some draft pick swapping with the Pacers. Use this space to talk about all the other random bits of news that will surely come out as the day goes on.

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