Miles Bridges is in trouble again

On Wednesday night, reports surfaced that an arrest warrant had been issued for Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges. I’m not super sure of the specifics and there’s a few things going on, but it appears two things have come to light:

  • An arrest warrant was issued for Bridges back in January for violating his protective order
  • A criminal summons was issued on Wednesday for violating the protective order, misdemeanor child abuse, and misdemeanor injury to personal property

One of those, and I don’t know which one, is reportedly related to an incident where Bridges showed up to the home of the mother of his children and smashed her windshield. Neither have been served yet, so they’re not available for public consumption.

I’m having a hard time determining through the various reports if these two charges are related to the same event or if there are two distinct events. I’ve seen some places say the summons is because the police department hasn’t been able to serve the warrant yet (which is strange considering Bridges is a very public figure), and I’ve seen some places say or imply that the criminal summons from Wednesday is from events that happened the day prior. According to Mike Lacett of Charlotte Sports Live, the Hornets were caught off guard just as much as all of us.

It’s all a tremendously disappointing situation. Bridges seemingly had a squeaky clean reputation coming out of Michigan State and in his first couple of years with the Hornets. That all unraveled in just about record time starting with the 2022 offseason. In case you forgot, Bridges made some waves for posting a picture holding what appeared to be a blunt and a cup of lean. Not long after, the allegations of domestic abuse came to light. And despite the apology he issued when he signed his qualifying offer over the summer, it seems not much has changed.

Normally you expect players to mature and stop getting into trouble as they get older. Bridges seems to be going in the opposite direction, and he may not be long for the Hornets and the NBA with the path he’s on. We’ll have to wait for more facts to come out, but it’s not a great scene.

UPDATE: Hornets Reddit did some sleuthing and found the specific charges levied against Bridges. He allegedly threw pool balls at his children’s mother’s car while the kids were in the car.

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