Charlotte Hornets pre-draft workouts: June 8 – 12

I know many frequenters of this site have been caught up in our community mock draft, but the Charlotte Hornets have kept working behind the scenes (I know they’ve been checking in on the mock draft in between workouts because why wouldn’t they?). Several workouts have happened over the last few days, some with the usual six-player format, and a couple more individual workouts with top prospects that the team has not officially reported. We’ll go day by day and list all the players that have come through Charlotte in recent days with their player rankings from our top 100.

June 8

  • Kobe Brown, forward, Missouri, 33
  • Caleb Daniels, guard, Villanova, unranked
  • Bryce Griggs, guard, Overtime Elite, unranked
  • Noah Gurley, forward, Alabama, unranked
  • Sir’Jabari Rice, guard, Texas, unranked

The highlight from this group is Kobe Brown who could be a target early in the second round. He was tremendously efficient in his senior season at Missouri, shooting 55% from the field and 46% from three. He’s a heady player that should seamlessly fit into any team’s rotation as a spot up shooter and connector on both ends of the floor. He’s definitely on the radar for the Hornets with one of their several second round picks.

June 9

  • Amen Thompson, guard, Overtime Elite, 3
  • Ausar Thompson, wing, Overtime Elite, 6

The Hornets haven’t officially advertised the visit, but it’s not exactly a secret either. Both are elite prospects, but they aren’t expected to be in play when the Hornets pick at #2 overall. The workout is more than likely just due diligence.

Amen is typically regarded as the better prospect of the two. He has a tighter handle and more point guard skills than his brother and looks like a dyanmo oversized lead guard. Ausar is a slightly better shooter at this point, but he doesn’t have as much wiggle as his brother and is a little harder to project. Both have a ways to go as shooters, but they’re freakish athletes with high motors.

June 10

  • Sidy Cissoko, wing, G League Ignite, 18
  • Antoine Davis, guard, Detroit Mercy, 92
  • Jazian Gortman, guard, Overtime Elite, unranked
  • Tanner Groves, big, Oklahoma, unranked
  • Trayce Jackson-Davis, big, Indiana, 38
  • Jaime Jaquez Jr., wing, UCLA, 48

A good crop of players here. Cissoko was At The Hive’s selection at 27 in the community mock draft, so many here will be familiar with him. He’s a versatile wing with a strong feel on both sides of the floor and a high motor. He’s a work in progress as a jumps shooter, but it’s coming along.

Jackson-Davis and Jaquez are two of the more accomplished college players in the draft. Jackson-Davis is a bit of an undersized big without elite athleticism, but he’s just a really good basketball player. He’s a bit of a throwback, but you are intrigued by his production. Jaquez is a similar style prospect in a wing’s body.

And speaking of accomplishments, Antoine Davis very narrowly missed out on being the most prolific scorer in the history of college basketball–he finished his career just three points shy of Pete Maravich’s long standing record. He’s a lethal shooter but is undersized and is lacking in other NBA skills.

June 11

  • Scoot Henderson, guard, G League Ignite, 2

Another workout that wasn’t reported by the team, but sources around the league made us all aware of it. Apparently it went well. Henderson has been the preferred pick of Hornets fans since the Hornets jumped up the second pick in the NBA Draft Lottery. He’s an explosive guard with relentless competitiveness, a good feel for the game, and three level scoring ability. He’s got to work on his 3-point shot, but he’d be a scary pairing with LaMelo Ball in the back court.

June 12

  • Rasir Bolton, guard, Gonzaga, unranked
  • Desmond Cambridge Jr, guard, Arizona State, unranked
  • Matthew Mayer, forward, Illinois, unranked
  • Omari Moore, wing, San Jose State, unranked
  • Kevin Samuel, big, South Alabama, unranked
  • Flo Thamba, big, Baylor, unranked

The Hornets took a break from all the highly touted prospects to work out a handful of players outside of our top 100.

Up next is reportedly a workout with Brandon Miller sometime today (June 13). We’ll keep updating the list as the workouts happen. Here’s the full list so far.

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